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Tel: +91 9004021416

Dosa Compound, 40/B, K.K.Marg Near Simplex Mills, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, India, 400011


Inkryptis AI

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New device accuracy tuning certificates

Re-verification after store layout change

Periodic accuracy audits

Commissioning / Accuracy Audit

To provide you with concrete proof that all of the counters reached the best accuracy possible, each one has been properly tuned and video confirmed. This is done by a technical expert (who also conduct manual counting on the video recordings from the counter)​

Software Installation and Setup

Legacy System Data Migration

BI System Integration

We will work with your IT team to choose the best software installation service for you (on-prem installation or cloud installation)


Inkryptis AI Services

Requirements gathering

Together, you and our team would determine the specifications you would require. Additionally, we would provide a proposal that included preliminary ideas for the floor plans, suggestions for equipment, and an estimate of the project expenses.

Full Installation

The whole installation, including designing, wiring, installing the devices, and connecting them to the network, will be handled by our team on your behalf.


We'll establish a set of standards for the experiment. At the conclusion of the experiment, a report will be written to assess its success. If a rollout is proceeding, the trial's cost would be applied to your project's cost.

Installation Adivisory

We can collaborate with your chosen installation crew if that is how you would like the installation to be done. Our consulting services would assist with planning, training, and real-time remote support.

The most recent firmware will be routinely updated for both hardware and software. The support personnel will proactively monitor the system to guarantee excellent data integrity.

Support Contract (Optional)

Proactive Data Integrity Monitoring

Software Licenses and Warranty

Technical Support

Training and Webinars

Learn how V9 Analytic may be used in the retail industry to analyze consumer trends, evaluate the success of displays, and enhance marketing tactics.

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