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Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring System

Polludrone is a continuous monitoring system for the air quality (CAAQMS). It is able to monitor different parameters in the environment relating to air quality, noise, fragrance, weather, radiation, etc. In real-time, it measures the particulates and gases in the ambient air.
It can also monitor other auxiliary parameters, such as traffic, catastrophe etc. with external samples.
For smart cities and urban infrastructure applications as roadside, campus and aeroportal monitoring, Polludrone is an excellent choice. The Smart Pole / Intelligent Pole is easily integrated.


Actual Site Installation on Smart Pole


The Polludrone is an ideal solution for clever infrastructure applications such as smart cities, airports, neighbourhoods, campus universities, schools, roads, tunnels and roadside surveillance. Polludrone is an excellent monitoring system for ambient air quality to understand a premise's environmental health. For strategy planning and data-driven infrastructure and policy level change, decision makers can utilise the precise air quality data from the Polludrone.

Smart Cities




We Go Above
and Beyond

Solar Powered

Able to run on solar power independently


Compact system installed at a height of 12-15 feet (4-5 m)

Weather Resistant

IP63 Grade Enclosure for Hard Weather Durability

Real-Time Data

Monitoring and data transfer in real-time at configurable intervals

There is more.

Robust Design

GSM / WiFi / LoRa

Tamper Proof

Ultimate Durability

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Functional Specification

  • Real-time air quality public reporting.

  • Research monitoring Trends monitoring.

  • Compliance monitoring.

  • Emergency Incident monitoring

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