Airport Queue Management System

Inkryptis 3D Video People Counter is your go to only solutions for Queue Management at Airports, Exclusively Design to Calculate Waiting times and helping with daily operations. Accompanied with Industrial Grade Hardware and Real time Monitoring with Data Analytics software suite.


Real Time Monitoring 

  • Airport authorities can Monitor queue times as per different pre-defined zones and make necessary modifications to reduce extra waiting times. The waiting time Data is available Real time on the Admin dashboard.

  • Data Privacy is ensured as only Dots which represents each passenger is being sent to the server.

Airport Passenger Flow

Our suite of data analytics metric points help you to analyze data points over a given period of time like waiting times, Length of queue and more across various zones and checkpoints.


Data Analytics Software Suite

  • Web based softaware interface displaying data visualiztion for analyses of the visitor counts.

  • Software comes along with pre-configured reports for you ready purpose.

  • Easy API intergration.

  • Data can be exported in all industry standard formats.

  • Interactive Dashboards.

Installation and Support

  • Easy to Install with our Plug and Play Feature.

  • NO IT Professional required.

  • Self Tuning.

  • Easy & Quick Support which you will Love.

  • Simple to Maintain