In-Store Analytics

Heat Mapping Solutions

In-Store heat mapping Video analytics devices allows Retail Stores to Track Shopper's Tracking map, identify high and Low probability zones, amount of time spend in a particular zones, helps in creating marketing strategies, dashboard Analytics and more.

Hotspot Analysis

Get in depth overview of different locations across stores and analyse the data stream like which zones are more popular, does popular zones varies at different time, popularity of products across these zones and more.

Shopper's Behaviour

Compare products listed across popular zones and study shopper behaviour to gauge the market trends combined with sales conversion for better results.

Store Optimization

Optimize hot and cold spots to manage different shop floors and maximise your strategies for product placement, store location, shelves, branding and more.

Software Analytics Suite

Combine the power of our Hardware with Rich Software suite and Measure Footfall metrics across all your Retail stores for Market Research, Merchandising, Customer Feedback, Engagement and more.