A Sleek and Minimalist Digital Kiosk


Ready to Plug-and-Play

Once transported to the site, it’s ready to go. Everything is securely screwed within the cabinet. No technical person required onsite.


Multi-touch with NFC scanner

Easy to navigate with touch-sensitive screen.


Safety Glass

Magic Mirror 24™ glass has been processed by controlled chemical treatments to increase its strength, ensuring the additional safety of the mirror.


Powerful Processing Unit

Accelerated system performance for rich responsive multimedia and 3D showcases store merchandises.

  Magic Mirror ™Interactive DigitaSignage

Stunning Design.
Digital Signage with Elegance and Functionalities

Inspired by the minimal and sleek design of the iPhone, Magic Mirror ™ is designed to better blend into any store or interior decor. Depending on the store interior, it could be a free standing mirror cabinet supported by a solid metal base plate or to be flush mounted to be part of the store furnishing, making it looks like a normal mirror in the store.

How It Works

This video showcases the key features of Magic Mirror. It presents how the digital signage interacts with visitors intelligently.

Demographic Analytics

Collecting visitor’s information for management team to make data-centric decisions toward product placement or store advertisement scheduling.

Full Touchscreen Capacity.
Interact with Light Touches of a Finger

Featuring a high speed of response at 3 - 8m sec through a 3mm tempered glass, Magic Mirror is able to provide a responsive and interactive experience, with no delay. The 55” capacitance touch panel allows users to navigate through the apps and also input details to email or post photos to social media.

Kinect Body Sensor

Ability to ‘read’ the user’s body motion, mainly body and hand gestures to perform specific functions such as take photo, navigate through the product catalogue, play games, etc. Intelligently identify the object of interest and provides values such as face points, body skeleton, extracting color pixels, etc. which are required in various Magic Mirror applications.

Powerful Processing Unit

Magic Mirror takes full advantage of the Intel Core i3 CPU with 3.4GHz processing power to run an array of applications at once and ensure a smooth running of all applications. It also comes with NVIDIA GeForce dedicated graphics card, accelerating system performance for rich responsive multimedia and virtual reality experience..

55” Widescreen Display

Slideshows, videos with audio, promotional messages and screen user interface are displayed on a high screen resolution display of 1920 x 1080. With the screen brightness of 350cd/m2 , the digital content can be projected clearly through the one way mirror and appears brighter on the screen to bring out the best of the image quality.

             Visually Stunning Display through the One Way Mirror

 Projecting multimedia content through the mirror creates a surprise factor that leaves a lasting impression to           the shoppers on the promotional message you want them to see. This 3mm tempered mirror glass is   processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength to ensure additional safety.

RFID Reader

Magic Mirror can be incorporated with an additional RFID reader to intelligently display the matching product details such as product name, price, stock level, etc. which has been stored in the RFID tags attached to the individual products, to facilitate shoppers’ in-store shopping experience