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AI Video Analytics

Our Artificial Intelligence is Designed to count visitors in a variety of environments, including department shops, shopping malls, museums, libraries, smart office buildings, fast food restaurants, exhibits, and airports. Our counters are meticulously designed to provide the most accurate, dependable, and cost-effective sensor available on the market.

Staff Exculsion

Recognize personnel exclusion tags to distinguish workers from tourists, resulting in a more precise footfall count.

Occupancy Management

Our people counter will help companies monitor the number of tourists in their venue at the entrance instead of hiring physical staff, due to social distancing regulations introduced to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 outbreak.

WiFi Counting

Wi-Fi technology enables the counter to collect the specific MAC address from people's smart devices and provide additional analysis, such as zone analytics, dwell time, passer-by count, turn-in rate, traffic flow, returning customer rate, and cross shopping.

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