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3D People Counting Machine

Embedded with Latest Technology, Inkryptis 3D Video People Counter can see objects in 3D with all the Dimensions. It also Combines our Latest WiFi Counting enabling additional 5 counting Metrix. With Compact hardware, Robust Design and upto 1GHz Processing power its the Best Counter Available in the Market.


3D People Counter - Counting Metrics

Wifi People Counting Technology Imparts unique identification via mac addresses from smart devices which analyzes complex data into our custom reporting Software. Our System covers 5 different metrics as below.

  • Visitor Counting

  • Outside Traffic

  • Dwell Time

  • Returning Customers

  • Cross Shopping

Technical Specifications

  • 3D Stereo Vision technology

  • 120 Degree Horizontal view angle

  • 1GHz Processor

  • Inbuilt GPU for enhanced accuracy.

  • POE Enabled

  • Led Indicators

  • Covering Range Height - 2m - 12 m

  • Web Based Reporting System

  • OTA Software Upgrade

Image by Chris Ried

Data Analytics Software Suite

  • Web based softaware interface displaying data visualiztion for analyses of the visitor counts.

  • Software comes along with pre-configured reports for you ready purpose.

  • Easy API intergration.

  • Data can be exported in all industry standard formats.

  • Interactive Dashboards.

Installation and Support

  • Easy to Install with our Plug and Play Feature.

  • NO IT Professional required.

  • Self Tuning.

  • Easy & Quick Support which you will Love.

  • Simple to Maintain