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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Inkryptis Number / License Plate Recognizer is a strong license plate identification, recognition, and search software solution for ALPR/ANPR based on Deep Learning. It has industry-leading precision and operates with a variety of camera styles for both live and archived video streams.



Images & Videos

Both Images & Videos are handled by our Software. Plates from live cameras are and still, Images are identified and decoded by Enterprise-grade Software.

Enterprise Grade Features

Get information about your vehicle's make, model, color, area, orientation.

Check Analytics on our Dashboard.

On-Premise & Cloud

On a variety of hardware, we offer cloud and on-premise applications (no Internet required).


On a mid-range CPU, Inkryptis Number Plate Recognition Software infers in 50-100 milliseconds, and Capable to processes up to 10 cameras at once.

Automated Number / License Plate Recognition Real-Life Scenarios

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