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Automatic Passenger
Counting system

Inkryptis AI Provides High Accuracy Automatic Passenger Counting Solution offering live updates on passenger counts to optimize demand analysis, pinpoint rush periods, and efficiently distribute resources.

How it works?

A reliable solution designed for bus operators aiming to track passenger numbers and assess bus capacity utilization at various times and stops along a route. The Bus Passenger Tracking System offers bus operators a comprehensive tool for monitoring real-time passenger numbers and occupancy levels across various route segments and times. It enables the collection of precise passenger data at different stations, ensures the management of bus capacity for optimal comfort

98% Accuracy

With a Powerful 1.2Ghz Quad-Core Processor and coupled with Artificial Intelligence our counters achieve up to 98% Accuracy.

Wide Coverage Area

Automatic Passenger Counting System can cover 110Deg coverage area using an ultra-wide dual-lens system. Thus reducing the number of counters required to cover by 40%.

Industry Grade 

Enclosed is a unibody aluminum casing & optimal heat dissipation the people counting machine can run high-level algorithms with ease.

Enterprise Cloud Software Analytics.

Centralized Cloud based web application softwware with over 15+ pre-defined software reports designed for different roles and functions.

Up to 10 years offline storage.

Our People Counting Machine can store the data for up to 10 years on the device and high uptime availability.

Global Support | Easy Installation

We Support Worldwide Locations across all countries. Powered over Power over Ethernet (POE), It is easy to install keeping the total cost of operation low.


People Counting






Data Points Measured

6 Unique Passenger Counting Metrics

  • Passenger Count (IN/OUT)

  • Live Occupancy Count

  • Average Occupancy

  • Maximum Occupancy

  • Occupancy Limit Triggered

  • Duration above Occupancy Limit

Inkryptis People Counting Comparision Chart

Global Leader in People Counting System

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We are a global leader in People Counting Solutions, offering competitive pricing and an excellent price-performance ratio. Our products provide an accurate and reliable real-time count of people entering and exiting a facility. Our innovative technology provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that helps businesses improve their operational efficiency. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of any business, from small retail stores to large corporate campuses.

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We welcome bids of all sizes and all industry, regardless of whether they are at an early or later stage of the bidding process, we are eager to participate in your bids and collaborate with a partner to provide the best solution for your business needs.

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