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High Accuracy People Counting machine

FootfallCam 3D ProTM People Counter combines 3D stereoscopic image processing, AI video analytics, and sophisticated tracking algorithms to deliver up to 99.5% accuracy, even under difficult environmental situations. It is built primarily to execute intricate video processing and AI-based algorithms with higher processing capability and includes a potent 1.2GHz quadcore CPU.

Object Classifications

By employing the 3D depth map created by the dual-lens camera, the FootfallCam 5D ProTM people counter is able to measure the height and size of moving objects and separate them from humans using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. This aids in excluding the item from counting, such as wheelchairs, trolleys, carts, and strollers.

One Device, Multiple Applications

  • In/Out counting at entrances - Count the number of visitors entering and exiting the stores

  • Multiple counting lines - Count the number of visitors entering different areas

  • Queue counting - Measure the queue length, waiting time and serving time

  • Heatmap - Track the visitor engagement at different zones of interest

Supports multiple counting functions in a single device, in which users can use interchangeably or relocate to use for other functions.

High Accuracy Counting

Low Light Support

Widest coverage


Staff Exclusion


Low Ceiling

Splash Proof

Night Vision

Optimised for All Environments

Product Specification

Power Supply

Power Over Ethernet

Power Consumption

6W (max. 8W)

Wireless Connectivity

Supports a network of up to 250 IoT devices via RF


Aluminum oxide alloy


Minimum 1 lux

Ideal Mounting Height

2.1 metres - 4.5 metres

Tracking Technology

3D-Spacing Mapping Video Tracking Technology and AI Video Analytics.

Camera Lens Spec


Depth Field of View


Technical Details

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